PTA to support your child’s potential.

PTA offers all parents and caregivers the opportunity to be engaged in their child’s potential. Being a member of PTA means that you are part of a powerful association and action plan that is focused on programs and initiative that strengthen your child’s education and the family-school partnership.

However you PTA, it’s all an investment in your child. PTA to support your child’s teachers and curriculum. PTA to advocate on the issues impacting your child and affect change at the local, state, and national levels. PTA to build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive school community.

There’s no wrong way to PTA and we invite every family to participate, because we can do more together than apart. How do you PTA?

DWE PTA supports our school library, Specials classes (Art, PE, Music), funds class field trips, creates enrichment programs, and provides special events to our community throughout the year. A PTA membership is ONLY $7.50 per person and you do not have to be a parent to be a member. Encourage a grandparent, friend, neighbor, or local business to support Deep Wood as well!
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Thank you for supporting our Deep Wood Dinos!
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